Will a Memory Foam Mattress Help You Sleep?


Few things feel make us feel as good as a great night’s sleep. That’s particularly true if you often struggle with insomnia.

If you’ve heard of memory foam mattresses, you might wonder if changing to a memory foam mattress might improve your sleep. Some people swear by memory foam, so it is well worth a try.

Memory foam responds to heat and pressure and shapes itself to your body, which evenly distributes body weight. Once you remove the pressure, it returns to its original form.

As well as protecting against impact, memory foam is very comfortable. It’s now used to make pillows, shoe insoles, mattress toppers, and mattresses in different densities and depths.

Memory foam is relatively new, so the effects on sleep haven’t been well studied. Maybe one of the more challenging stumbling blocks to testing the benefits of specific mattresses is the subjective essence of sleep. It isn’t easy to measure.