Why are Persian Rugs so popular?

Why are Persian Rugs so popular?

When the time comes to purchasing a new rug, Persian rugs remain right up there as one of the most popular and decorative additions to any home. Their popularity is growing and it’s easy to see why. With a glut of vivacious colours, sheer quality, artistic pattern and range of styles, the only difficulty is to choose from such a plethora of designs, shapes and sizes. With a hand woven design, they also retain all the strong assets of other rug types with additional personal touches to make your purchase unique.

Here’s a few pointers from Niels Larssen of London based suppliers of Persian and Modern Rugs  https://www.persianandmodernrugs.com/ which will really make you consider making a Persian rug a part of your home.

It will blend in with your decor

There are so many ways to decorate using a Persian rug and it’s almost impossible to pin down the number of possibilities for the creative home designer. If you only have a tiny space but want to make the most of it, the artful attraction of a wool Persian rug suddenly makes that space brilliantly striking. You may have a new bedroom which has the ideal space in front of the bed or you may have a showpiece landing or dining room where the rug would be its centrepiece. If you have a vintage table a Persian rug will be an elegant accompaniment and fit alongside it seamlessly.

Quality blended with longevity

Persian rugs have been hand-woven for centuries with the expertise and refined techniques for producing them being passed down through families for hundreds of years.  With such abundance in patterns and shades you can be sure that your rug will never lose its genuineness and allure.

Rugs warm your home and are soft under foot

Made from silk, wool or cotton, it’s no surprise that one of the most obvious reasons to buy a Persian rug is comfort. The compressed fibres within the rugs naturally stay snug and if you have a hard floor surface in your kitchen, having a warm hand-woven wool rug to step onto feels luxurious and homely. Being the proud owner of a Persian rug means there are less echoes and vibrations bouncing off cold brick or stone walls and ceilings. The last thing you want is an echo in your house which creates a cold environment.

An investment

Persian rugs are hard-wearing, tough and durable. In short, they stand the test of time with craft-woven quality made to last for decades. Their well-known endurance ensures they can be passed down through families as heirlooms and wonderful homely features.


Every Persian rug has its own inimitable charisma and each one is subtly unique. Similarly, a precious ornament or family heirloom, your rug will adorn its own freshness so you will never get bored of admiring the patterns, interlacing and other distinguished features.

To conclude, a Persian rug is appealing for so many reasons – whether you’re looking to fill your living room, study, bedroom, or kitchen with a warm, hand-crafted rug as a leading feature, you can’t go wrong with a Persian rug which will fluently add more ambience to your home.